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Eyal Software Solutions LTD, a programming company, was established in 1979.

The company specializes in applications for the automotive industry and systems for the internet.
In 1986 the “Mushahit 2000” program was installed for the first time.

The high number of installations of our programs in Israel has provided us with vast experience in the application of systems for the management of auto-repair garages and finding professional solutions for efficient management of auto-repair garages.

Compatibility of the “Mushahit 2000” software system with the Windows operating system has brought the system into the new millennium.

Among are customers are Delek Motors, the importer of Mazda and Ford automobiles, Union Motors, the importer of Toyota automobiles, Telcar, the importer of Daihatsu automobiles, Japan Auto, the importer of Subaru automobiles, Automotive Equipment Group, the importer of Suzuki automobiles.

Over the years, the company has become an initiator and leader in the development of innovations in the field and serves as a source of inspiration for the whole market.
The company is a partner in projects that are unique on a worldwide scale and in development of systems for the most advanced technology.

The company developed the first program for management of computerized registration institutions in the world in partnership with the ministry of transportation. As of today, all the registration institutions in Israel are computerized according to the model that was developed by our company.

The company has developed systems for performing tests for emission of pollutants by cars in accordance with the European standard, which was adopted in Israel. A contribution to environmental protection and improvement of the quality of life.

The company specializes in systems for credit card clearance. The company has developed an advanced internet interface for charging the credit cards of customers. The company has 15 years of experience in the field of credit card clearance. The service is especially optimal for owners of e-commerce sites, businesses and store owners www.cardcom.co.il.

Recently, a program has been developed for sending SMS messages through the internet. The system is connected to the major cellular phone service companies in Israel: Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner and Mirs www.smsender.co.il.
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