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SMS Sender
The SMS Sender software system is a professional and easy to use program, designed for sending SMS messages from personal computers to cellular phones. The program is suitable for small businesses and large companies. The program allows the sending of thousands of messages in the span of a few minutes (1000 messages every 3 minutes). From the moment of registration – the system is immediately activated.

The system is connected to the major cellular phone service companies in Israel: Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner and Mirs. There is no additional fee for sending messages between companies.

The system has been designed to send SMS messages in an efficient and low cost manner and uses the existing list of customer club members to establish a fast connection with the customer in the following manner:
  • Sending single SMS messages quickly through a customer list
  • Sending messages to a group by identifying the list of customer club members so that the SMS message will be received according to different categories and parameters.
  • The program is offered free of charge. There is a payment for sending SMS messages
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