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Rishui 2012
The Registration 2012 system is designed for the management of computerized vehicle registration institutes. The system is connected to the measuring devices and testing stations at the vehicle registration service center: headlight adjustment devices, brake gauges, tire alignment and vehicle emission tests. The system program collects the results data of the inspection from the devices and summarizes the test results of the car – pass or fail.

Computerized registration test process in the Rishui 2012 software system: 
  • Reception of car details from the main office of the institute by the registration clerk.
  • Notices by the system for display of certificates that must be presented as a prerequisite for a first inspection.
  • Generation of a request form for renewing car licenses upon identification of the car owner and documentation by the registration clerk.
  • Streaming of car data to different measuring devices at the registration checkpoints.
  • Performance of the necessary inspections at the registration checkpoints by car inspectors.
  • Collection and analysis of results by the system at the end of the test.
  • Generation of computerized results printout for the car that includes appropriate certificates.
  • Saving of test data for each car.
Details of the test stations: 
  • Office
  • Identification + pollution
  • Pit
  • Lights
  • Pit
  • Alignment of tires and brakes
  • Summary
* The order of stations can change according to the setup of the path
  • Connects to the majority of inspection devices available in the market
  • Certified by the Ministry of Transportation
  • Designed to meet the European standard
  • Deigned for performing inspections for new and old cars
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