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Cheshbonot 2012
The Cheshbonot 2012 software system is designed for the management of accounts utilizing the double-entry system. The system allows recording/entry of ledger entries manually or by receiving entries from an external system, trial balance, card catalogs, VAT reports, bank transfers and bank reconciliation.


Main characteristics:

Ledger entries
  • Receipt of ledger entries
  • Printout of ledger entries
  • Analysis of ledger entries
  • Receipt of ledger entries (foreign ledger)

Account cards
  • Opening, closing/cancelling account cards
  • Display of balance and activity (account cards)
  • Correction of activity details on the cars
  • Details of suppliers for withholding tax
  • End of year transitions

Bank reconciliation
  • Receipt of bank forms
  • Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation report
  • Display of bank forms after the reconciliation
  • Cancellation of reconciliation
  • Trial balance report
  • Periodical trial balance report
  • Extrapolated/estimated trial balance report
  • Account balance report
  • Card catalog report
Report generator
  • VAT report
  • Loss/gain report
  • Interest calculation report

  • Currencies
  • Types of actions
  • Groups and subgroups
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