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Ishurit Zahav
The Ishurit Zahav system is designed for businesses that are interested in credit card clearance and charging solutions. The system is installed on personal computers of the client located at the place of business. The means of communication for receiving clearance is done through land lines through a dial-up modem. There is an option to communicate over an ADSL internet connection:
Details regarding types of transactions:
  • Regular credit
  • Isracard, ADIF, +30
  • Immediate withdrawal
  • Club member credit
  • Installment payment credit
  • Super credit
A credit card reader is installed for the ease of the customer
Main characteristics of the program:
  • Identification of the type of credit card
  • Warnings for blocked or stolen cards
  • Warning for expired cards
  • Receipt of transaction confirmation number
  • Automatic deposit through communication lines
  • Record keeping of transaction details
  • Tracking of credit card transactions through a report system

Benefits of the system:

  • Option to work in the background as an inseparable part of business management programs
  • Executions of transactions in real-time
  • Large savings in costs
  • Secured system
  • Credit standard of Automated Bank Services LTD.
  • Option to work at different isolated locations (stations), and have many such stations.
  • Generations of queries and management reports 

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