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Mushahit 2012

The system program Mushahit 2012  is designed for management of computerized auto-repair garages. The program is appropriate for auto-repair garages which do metal work, electronic and air conditioning work. Learn more

Ofek Solutions 

Ofek is a system program designed for business management. Ofek is a flexible system which allows customizability of the system to most types of businesses, according to needs and mainly for businesses which provides repair services. Learn more

Rishui 2012 

The system program Rishui 2012 is designed for management of computerized registration institutions. The system is connected to measuring devices and to testing stations on the licensing path: light alignment devices, brake meters, tire alignment and gas emission measuring devices. Learn more

Cheshbonot 2012 

The system program Cheshbonot 2012 is designed for the management of accounts utilizing the double-entry system. The system allows recording/entry of ledger entries, trial balance, card catalogs, VAT reports, bank transfers and bank reconciliation. Learn more

Gaz 4

The system program Gas 4  is designed to perform tests for gas emission standards for cars in auto-repair garages in accordance with the new 318 A standard of the ministry of transportation. The test confirms that vehicles perform according to the new standard. Learn more

SMS Sender

The system program SMS sender is a professional and easy to use program, designed for sending SMS messages from personal computers to cellular phones. The program is suitable for small businesses and large companies. Learn more

Speed SMSThe system program SMS speed sends SMS messages from personal computers directly to cellular phones. It allows the sending of SMS messages to customers with exceptional speed and ease from Excel files. Copy, paste and send.
Learn more
Ishurit Zahav 

The Ishurit Zahav (Gold Certificate) system is designed for businesses which are interested in credit card clearance solutions. The system is installed on personal computers of the client located at the place of business. Learn more

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