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Kesem HaShirut

The Kesem Hashirut system is a process for the improvement of the level of service at car service centers and aims to preserve clientele of the service center and ultimately is expected to increase income.

This process will be installed in the Mushahit software system and will be in accordance with the requirements of the European standards.

In order to meet the standards of Kesem Hashirut (Magic Service), new modules and a new system have been developed to complement the process, granting the service center manager the proper tools to achieve the desired goals demanded from the system.

The following are the main principles of operation of the Kesem Hashirut process:
 Inviting customers
  • Inviting customers to receive service according to time and/or distance travelled
  • Sending invitations
  • Telephone contact
  • Sending SMS messages

 Making an appointment to receive service
  • Establishing communication through the customer invitation system
  • Making an appointment for service
  • Referral of the service to a service advisor and department
  • Reminders to the customer one day before the appointment for the service via telephone and/or SMS message
  • Display of customers with appointments in the reception office
  • Print out of report detailing customers who have made appointments for every service advisor

 SLA promise of price and time to the customer
  • Reception of the customer by the service advisor and generation of a work order
  • Annotation on the work order “customer waiting”, “repeat problems”
  • Price estimate and estimated time of completion
  • Generation of instructions to collect parts from the storeroom
  • Correction of price estimate and confirmation by the customer in case of additional work performed
  • Real time tracking of fulfillment of obligations in anticipation of completion time and display of SLA results
  • Display of orders with SLA
  • Display of orders without SLA
  • Display of orders that fulfilled the SLA
  • Display of orders that did not fulfill the SLA

 Performing a satisfaction survey
  • Performing a preliminary survey and then contacting the customer after 72 hours to measure customer satisfaction
  • Statistical distribution of lack of satisfaction according to customer complaints
  • Handling of unsatisfied customers by the manager
  • Display of customer satisfaction survey

 - Indices report for the manager
  • Periodical summary of the garage activity
  • Car entries
  • Percentage of appointments
  • Fulfilling commitments made to customers
  • Repeat problems
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee efficiency
  • Income for paid entry of cars

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