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Additional Expansions and Modules

The basic package includes 

  • Repair orders – Car tracking logs – Invoices – Receipts – Deposits – Shipping invoices
  • Price quotes – Price lists – Kits – Tracking client debt and supplier rebates
  • Cash register management – Cash flow/transfers – Inventory – Car history

 Additional Expansions:

Check printing module

  • Printing of computerized checks to suppliers
  • Translation of numbers into words.
  • Cross-checking of payments against open invoices, recording payments on the supplier card, transfers.
  • Computerized check printing present the business in a more professional manner to the supplier. A sample check can be obtained in our offices.


Orders from suppliers module

  • Placing a computerized order with suppliers, methodical tracking of orders that were not received, cross-checking of open orders against shipping invoices and/or invoices received from the suppliers and by doing so preventing excessive and extraneous computer entries.
  • Handwritten paperwork is no longer necessary.


Barcode module

  • Ability to print barcode labels for items, according to groups, locating items, at the time of receiving supplier invoices according to items listed in the invoice.
  • Distribution of spare parts for work orders by using a wireless or regular barcode reader.
  • Printing barcodes on the header of work orders for quick identification of the work order by using a barcode reader.  Placing barcode labels on storeroom shelves and remote distribution of parts directly to the work order by using a wireless barcode.


Document scanning module

  • Quick scanning of documents using TWIN standard scanners, work orders, car registration documents, car acceptance form, various agreement forms and any document related to clients and classification of documents according to subject.
  • Binders and/or large rooms for storage of documents are no longer necessary.
  • Ability to scan up to 50 documents at once, identification of clients at the time of scanning according to the barcode on the work order.  
  • Ability to locate and present documents according to client number and/or license number. Printing of copies of documents from every station in the network without the need to leave your chair, quickly and efficiently.


shurit Zahav module charging credit cards

  • Instead of external machines (Nurit, Caspit).
  • Charging credit cards in real time as tax invoice and receipts are generated in the Musakhit (Auto Shop) software system.
  • Receipt of clearance confirmation from credit card companies within seconds, no need for dialing or a special phone line.
  • Monthly payments – a free reader is provided
  • For those who order the Credit module – a bonus that includes 5 employee cards for managing work hours.


CRM module

  • Performing follow ups for maintaining contact and communication with clients (reminders for maintenance, during the processes of maintenance/repair/appointment making/surveys/collection of fees).
  • Ability to record/document conversations with the client, including day and hour reminders. For example: printing on the work order “In the conversation with the client, confirmation was received to replace a window raiser”, a record is generated by the inventory manager “window raiser ordered” and generation of a reminder to call the supplier in an hour. Follow up with a record of the conversation to the client concerning a debt “Promised to send checks within a week”.
  • Ability to make records to track price quotes, personal reminders, and more. There is no need to scribble notes and produce extraneous paperwork.


SMS module

  • A system for sending mass SMS messages from computers to cellular phones.
  • A top-of-the-line marketing tool. Ability to send thousands of SMS messages at the touch of a button.
  • The module is offered free of charge. There is a charge only for the messages sent.
  • Ability to send messages like the following example: “As a reminder, your vehicle requires care.” and/or “You are invited to make a visit before your inspection test.”, “Your car is ready.”, “Call now to get a price quote.” and more.
  • Use of this tool significantly increases the number of cars that enter the repair shop, saves valuable time, and manpower.


Letters generator

  • An additional marketing tool for sending letters to a large mailing list.
  • Formulation of a personal letter to the client, and return of data according to different parameters (birthday, sales, orders, and more).
  • Ability to formulate the letter in Microsoft Word and transfer it into Musakhit (Auto Shop) through copy/paste.
  • Ability to print labels that include the client’s address.


Notices module



  • Suitable for customers’ clubs, car fleets.
  • Option to define notice types for the cars and notice periods, for example: end of insurance period, permission to drive, lifting load capacity and more. 
  • Every day at the time of log in into the system, a notice will appear listing the cars that need to be worked on.


System for management of a double-entry invoice system

  • For businesses that are required to keep books according to the double-entry system.
  • The system allows manual ledger entries or accepts ledger entries from external systems, generates trial balances, card catalogs, VAT reports, bank transfers and bank reconciliation.
  • All that is necessary is knowledge of type 1 accounting.
  • The system is simple and easy to use.


Client automotive care notification module

  • The client notification system is a top-of-the-line marketing tool for the service center.
  • Using the client notification system significantly increases the number of cars entering into the service center and it is therefore recommended to use it frequently and on a monthly basis.
  • The system notifies clients to come in for care and maintenance according to time passed and/or distance the car has travelled according to what is recorded in the care and maintenance history of the car.  


Appointment making for care/maintenance module

  • The appointment making system is a top-of-the-line management tool.
  • It allows organized tracking of the number of cars that enter the shop and plans the expected work day at the service center in advance (employees, spare parts and more…).


Appointment order display system

  • A display of the appointments that were made in advance (in the appointment making system) on a large screen that will be displayed at the reception desk and will display the status of the client’s car at every stage (arrived, being served, ready…).
  • Provides a good feeling to the customer – that  the customer is being waited for.


Survey system

  • For auto repair garage owners for high awareness of service, to determine the satisfaction of the customer from the experience at the garage.
  • Generation of extensive statistical reports of the statistical distribution of satisfied customers and those who are not satisfied and the reasons for their lack of satisfaction.
  • Directing the unsatisfied customers to additional services.
  • This tool allows the repair shop to point out the problems that are in need of improvement.
  • An important tool for maintaining customers.  


Time and price commitment for SLA customers module

  • Time and price commitment – modifying the “price quote” made to the customer and changing it to an SLA form with a time commitment for completing the work.
  • Preparing the necessary spare parts for the work needed on the vehicle immediately after preparing the terms of commitment forms and printing the instructions for retrieving the parts from the inventory. 
  • The addition of a warning system when there is a shortage in the availability of parts in the inventory.
  • Extensive statistical reports for meeting SLA goals/not meeting time and price goals.
  • The system is a part of the tool for real time tracking of meeting times displayed on the computer screen, and allows the manager to control and plan the work accordingly.


Report of indices for the manager

  • A concentration of the activities in the repair garage at the press of a button for the manager of the garage.
  • The report includes 7 main indices: entering cars, percent of preordered appointments, fulfilling obligations made to the customer, repeat errors, customer satisfaction, employee efficiency, average income made from cars that pay to enter.
  • Each of the indices includes detailed reports, like this example for cars entering: statistical distribution according to models as a percentage of all the car entries.
  • This module is provided free of charge upon purchasing – Time and price promise for SLA customers module


Report of actual work time of employees clocking

  • Report of actual work time of employees – swiping of employee cards at the beginning of every job and at the end of every job on a car.
  • It allows organized tracking for the manager of the employees in real time, of which cars each employee is working on, and in which department.
  • Generation of efficiency reports according to card or employee.


Employee attendance module



  • There is an option in the Musakhit system to manage the attendance of employees with the aid of a clock for customers who are connected to the Ishurit system (credit card charging system that replaces external devices).
  • An option to manually record attendance as well.
  • Supply of magnetic reader and employee cards at our offices, for customers who have purchased the Ishurit system.


Kits and sales modules

  • The Kits system allows predetermined charging for services – work, parts, according to the type of automobile and model.
  •  The use of kits saves valuable time in modifying price quotes given to customers, preventing errors and quickly supplying parts for work by stock employees.
  • Option to plan kits sales and setting of expiration date of sale.


Replacement car ledger

  • Tracking of replacement cars given to customers at the service center
  • Record of the date and time of issue/return of the car to the customer
  • Record of the odometer upon issue and return
  • Reporting on all the cars located in the service center and/or issuing of cars only
  • Report of notices and localizations


Cash register module

  • Management of an array of cash registers
  • Defining cashier details
  • Shift changing of cashiers
  • Management of prices including VAT
  • Connection to the Ishurit Zahav (Gold Certificate) system for charging credit cards
  • A credit card reader is provided
  • Managing customer price list
  • Managing cash register documents: invoices, shipping invoices, summary invoices
  • Requires a narrow paper printer
  • Option to include a drawer and barcode reader
  • Detailed report printouts               
  • Suitable for stores that sell accessories and products


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