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Additional expansions and modules
 Check printing module
  • Printing of computerized checks to suppliers
  • Translation of numbers into words.
  • Cross-checking of payments against open invoices, recording payments on the supplier card, transfers.
  • Computerized check printing present the business in a more professional manner to the supplier. A sample check can be obtained in our offices.

 Orders from suppliers module
  • Placing a computerized order with suppliers, methodical tracking of orders that were not received, cross-checking of open orders against shipping invoices and/or invoices received from the suppliers and by doing so preventing excessive and extraneous computer entries.
  • Handwritten paperwork is no longer necessary.

 Barcode module
  • Ability to print barcode labels for items, according to groups, locating items, at the time of receiving supplier invoices according to items listed in the invoice.
  • Distribution of spare parts for work orders by using a wireless or regular barcode reader.
  • Printing barcodes on the header of work orders for quick identification of the work order by using a barcode reader. Placing barcode labels on storeroom shelves and remote distribution of parts directly to the work order by using a wireless barcode.

 Ishurit Zahav module - charging credit cards
  • Instead of external machines (Nurit, Caspit).
  • Charging credit cards in real time as tax invoice and receipts are generated in the Musakhit (Auto Shop) software system.
  • Receipt of clearance confirmation from credit card companies within seconds, no need for dialing or a special phone line.
  • Monthly payments – a free reader is provided
  • For those who order the Credit module – a bonus that includes 5 employee cards for managing work hours.

 CRM module
  • Performing follow ups for maintaining contact and communication with clients (reminders for maintenance, during the processes of maintenance/repair/appointment making/surveys/collection of fees).
  • Ability to record/document conversations with the client, including day and hour reminders. For example: printing on the work order “In the conversation with the client, confirmation was received to replace a window raiser”, a record is generated by the inventory manager “window raiser ordered” and generation of a reminder to call the supplier in an hour. Follow up with a record of the conversation to the client concerning a debt “Promised to send checks within a week”.
  • Ability to make records to track price quotes, personal reminders, and more. There is no need to scribble notes and produce extraneous paperwork.

 SMS module
  • A system for sending mass SMS messages from computers to cellular phones.
  • A top-of-the-line marketing tool. Ability to send thousands of SMS messages at the touch of a button.
  • The module is offered free of charge. There is a charge only for the messages sent.
  • Ability to send messages like the following example: “As a reminder, your vehicle requires care.” and/or “You are invited to make a visit before your inspection test.”, “Your car is ready.”, “Call now to get a price quote.” and more.
  • Use of this tool significantly increases the number of cars that enter the repair shop, saves valuable time, and manpower.

 Letter generator
  • An additional marketing tool for sending letters to a large mailing list.
  • Formulation of a personal letter to the client, and return of data according to different parameters (birthday, sales, orders, and more).
  • Ability to formulate the letter in Microsoft Word and transfer it into Musakhit (Auto Shop) through copy/paste.
  • Ability to print labels that include the client’s address.

 Employee attendance module
  • There is an option in the Musakhit system to manage the attendance of employees with the aid of a clock for customers who are connected to the Ishurit system (credit card charging system that replaces external devices).
  • An option to manually record attendance as well.
  • Supply of magnetic reader and employee cards at our offices, for customers who have purchased the Ishurit system.

 System for management of a double-entry invoice system
  • For businesses that are required to keep books according to the double-entry system.
  • The system allows manual ledger entries or accepts ledger entries from external systems, generates trial balances, card catalogs, VAT reports, bank transfers and bank reconciliation.
  • All that is necessary is knowledge of type 1 accounting.
  • The system is simple and easy to use.

 Cash register module
  • Management of an array of cash registers
  • Defining cashier details
  • Shift changing of cashiers
  • Management of prices including VAT
  • Connection to the Ishurit Zahav (Gold Certificate) system for charging credit cards
  • A credit card reader is provided
  • Managing customer price list
  • Managing cash register documents: invoices, shipping invoices, summary invoices
  • Requires a narrow paper printer
  • Option to include a drawer and barcode reader
  • Detailed report printouts
  • Suitable for stores that sell accessories and products

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